Mature, reasonable response to offended Sheila Jeffreys fans

haroldbloomisnotmysisterTake THAT, graduate programs everywhere! See how viciously and unceremoniously I excluded Bloom from sisterhood with me? Now, of course, Bloom and I both agree on poststructuralism, but we run into a big, big problem when it comes to both J.K. Rowling & Doris Lessing, which is what the decision to keep him in the sisterhood really hinged upon. Of course, people are going to say that’s terribly unfair with regard to the postructuralism argument, and I will be expecting a statement from Yale University shortly.

I hope the legions of the offended and the silenced about to descend upon me like instant coffee and/or vodka, since that’s all we seem to have at this joint at the moment.

For context – please see Hexy.

2 thoughts on “Mature, reasonable response to offended Sheila Jeffreys fans


    *deep breath, gets up from floor, falls down again*


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