We interrupt your regular broadcast due to a terrifying realization…

…That the cats are creepily accurate feline reflections of Boyfriend and I.

The female is:

Overly Sensitive
and Prone to Poorly Timed Fits of Affection

The male is:

Largely Unflappable
and Prone to Napping in Unlikely Places

I sense a cosmic conspiracy of Berúthiel-esque proportions. One of these days, Boyfriend and I will simply be replaced by the carefully disguised doppelgängers, and no one will be the wiser. Not even you. The white cat, Mingo, will continue writing a column on all things Eastern European for GlobalComment, occasionally interrupting herself to inteview people far more interesting than she is,  or else to put up rants on this blog. The brown cat, Fanty, will prowl the exciting world of venture capitalism and watch cooking shows in his spare time.

Boyfriend and I will, in the meantime, be trapped in some spatial anomaly. I can only hope that the spatial anomaly in question comes equipped with a Playstation 3 and a shelf of decent science fiction. And sofas. And maybe a Snow Cone machine. A Snow Cone machine isn’t too much to ask for being trapped in a pseudo-scientific disruption of the space-time continuum.

11 thoughts on “We interrupt your regular broadcast due to a terrifying realization…

  1. this brought a big smile on a day that i really needed one.

    anything referencing the tolkienverse gets my attention. i still have so much Tolkien to catch up on…

    enjoy your alternate reality! and give my thanks to Mingo for taking over the blogging duties.

    …oh, wait…

  2. Aren’t all males prone to napping in unusual places? It’s stragely uncanny…

  3. Kitties are full of smiles and sunshine. Unless they forget they’re kitties and start rolling in the dirt like doggies. And then act indignant and surprised that I’m not too pleased about letting them track the dirt in. And go after them with a rag/Dustbuster.

    I think you might be on to something in regards to the napping, LM. I used to think it was a patriarchal construct, but if Boyfriend AND Fanty both do it, it must be true.

    GG, you might like The Children of Hurin. Most of my friends the hardcore Tolkien fans weren’t THAT thrilled with it, but I found the distillation of the legend into one, very readable volume to be useful. And the story’s great. Horrifyingly tragic, but great.

    I know wish that the kitties knew their own names and how much thought went into naming them. As such, they appear wholly unaware.

  4. They know their own names, they just choose not to use them. Currently my name is mud and spit because i flea dusted my kitties. As for men and napping, it is beyond my ken.

  5. Mingo and Fanty! And let me guess. You are the only one who can tell they are twins, right? 😀

  6. very funny, I need to find a cat that can do spreadsheets cause these spatial anomalies sound very relaxing.

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