We interrupt your regular broadcast due to a terrifying realization…

…That the cats are creepily accurate feline reflections of Boyfriend and I. The female is: Thinner Lighter Neater High-strung Overly Sensitive and Prone to Poorly Timed Fits of Affection The male is: Bigger Darker Sloppier Laid-back Largely Unflappable and Prone to Napping in Unlikely Places I sense a cosmic conspiracy of Berúthiel-esque proportions. One ofContinue reading “We interrupt your regular broadcast due to a terrifying realization…”

The mortal sin of disliking Sarah Palin

I think that this LJ author said it best: Woman A: I don’t like Sarah Palin. Woman B: YOU DON’T LIKE WOMEN! Woman A: No, I don’t like Sarah Palin. I liked Hillary Clinton a whole lot, remember? Woman B: YOU DON’T LIKE WOMEN! Woman A: You’re being unreasonable. Woman B: YOU SAID WOMEN AREContinue reading “The mortal sin of disliking Sarah Palin”

I do my best Sarah Palin

This picture was taken way before Palin was ever picked as McCain’s running mate, back when my hair was darker too: I don’t think it’s very similar at all, but I’ve been using it on LJ, and two separate comments to the tune of “omigod is that, like, a Palin Halloween-themed userpic” have appeared. Hmmm.Continue reading “I do my best Sarah Palin”

Dear Dumbass: No, I am not stealing “your man,” Gerard Butler

So, like, you know, I keep up with the search-terms on this blog. Recently, I noticed that I’ve been getting a lot of hits off of the name “Gerard Butler.” There’s no conspiracy going on here: I’ve featured Gerard, and, coincidentally, people are now searching for Gerard, because “RockNRolla” is out. Nothing out of theContinue reading “Dear Dumbass: No, I am not stealing “your man,” Gerard Butler”

The Gentleman Has Standards

Noticed via The Pervocracy & Something Awful. I have to admit this, I am one of those sappy, boring people who generally cannot bring themselves to make vicious fun of anyone’s quest for love, no matter how idiotic or misguided. Unless I read something like this, that is. I suppose I could get all seriousContinue reading “The Gentleman Has Standards”