OK Vox, I’ll bite

Why the hell are you (or, for that matter, this guy agreeing with you) assuming that a highly educated woman would want to marry some millionaire type?

Having your own helipad, truffle farm, and earlobe masseuse is the ultimate goal of some people, but if you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a PhD, you’re probably interested in a different kind of success altogether.

When I met my man, I wasn’t looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. But when I realized that he was into cooking, football, and reading creepy fairy tales on dark and stormy evenings, the angels did a chorus, organ music swelled, and golden beams of light reached towards him as if providence itself were leading me into his arms (or… something like that). Even if I did have the looks to snag me some playboy instead, I’d be bored to tears with a dude who was busy with his investments 90% of the time, and wanted to spend the other 10% draping me in diamonds and showing me off on yachts. It’s just not my idea of happiness, plain and simple. Hell, my mother was smokin’ hot in her youth, and when some guy who owned a castle proposed to her on account of her smokin’ hotness, she ran away screaming.

Because… dude. Some people are simply a bad match.

And here’s another thing: if you are really, really smart and discerning, your dating pool automatically gets smaller. It’s also true that men are often taught by their family and/or culture that it’s OK to marry a woman who’s either a) not particularly bright, or b) dumbs herself down. Women? Not so much. Now, I know several highly successful and wealthy women who married men whose primary function in life is sipping daiquiris and waxing their chests, which is perfectly fine as long as both parties are happy. And I’m not going to say that those men are stupid, because they could also simply refuse to advertise their intelligence on account of it interfering with their marriage. Whatever.

Everyone has their own idea of bliss, and I think it’s safe to say that for Carolyn Kaufman, this idea most likely involves someone who is just as erudite and committed to a profession as she is.

I’ll drink to that.