Thank God we can’t afford Burberry Baby

… I guess?

Then again, I can’t imagine most well-adjusted parents buying novachek booties. And by this I don’t mean that Alyosha and I are particularly well-adjusted. We just happen to find sanity an admirable quality.

I am amused, and slightly petrified, whenever I observe so-called helicopter parents from a distance. And by this I in no way mean stay-at-home moms and or dads (whom I envy sometimes). I don’t necessarily believe that I don’t fall into the same emotional traps with Lev. I miss him at work, for one thing, and constantly want to overcompensate. We just can’t afford to spoil him rotten. Maybe that’s a good thing? Because I do fret about it, I really do. You want what’s best for your child during the best of times – and you’re especially sensitive to such issues when the world economy falters.

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