Also – Ukrainian beer is cheap and good

Just sayin.

Reading the comments, I have to reflect on how much British readers don’t understand the way Ukrainian government works. When I say that “racism in Ukraine is no longer being swept under the rug,” they say, “Aha! But your Foreign Ministry is denying it even exists!”

That’s because Ukrainian government doesn’t really *do* much. It’s all down to civil society now in Ukraine – which is still too small, but growing fast. The Foreign Ministry can say that the real social problems in Ukraine revolve around people-eating plants from Pluto – and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

I suppose you will think different if you have MP’s who are at least minimally accountable to their own people. Ukraine? That’s a whole different game. To you. Bahaha.

4 thoughts on “Also – Ukrainian beer is cheap and good

  1. ‘British readers don’t understand the way Ukrainian government works’- it is impossible understand for someone who have not lived in Ukraine for at least few years, so I would not expect them to!

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  2. What do you think about Ukraine’s dithering over approving the movie about the Death Match, for fears it would stir up prejudice against Germans? I hope they realise what fools they look now they’ve seen the Panorama programme (I wrote about it on my blog – As you know, I love Ukraine and think it really sad it’s getting such solely negative press, yet again


  3. You make a very good point – as usual. I wasn’t aware of this Death Match controversy. Seems typical of the out-of-touch government bureaucracy.

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