I am SO not watching the World Cup that it’s not even funny

Do you see me? Do you see what I’m doing right now?

You don’t, so I am just going to tell you.

I am NOT watching the World Cup, that is what I’m doing.

I’m also not celebrating my birthday this summer, I’ve decided.

So there. That is my revenge on the world. Take that, world!

10 thoughts on “I am SO not watching the World Cup that it’s not even funny

  1. Same here. I am not watching it either, my husband is the only englishman in the country who is not watching it…and my birthday…well, I always go out on my birthday with friends. this year I was tempted not to bother, but then I know I will just be miserable if I dont. so I am going anyway. when is yours? we must be both Gemini?

  2. Football is the most beautiful sport in the world. But I’m in a kinda ugly mood about it. Two of my teams are not in, the U.S. probably won’t advance far, and Spain needs to win but never does. So. Sulk-time.

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