I am SO not watching the World Cup that it’s not even funny

Do you see me? Do you see what I’m doing right now? You don’t, so I am just going to tell you. I am NOT watching the World Cup, that is what I’m doing. I’m also not celebrating my birthday this summer, I’ve decided. So there. That is my revenge on the world. Take that,Continue reading “I am SO not watching the World Cup that it’s not even funny”

Monday music: more supersonic sigh than silent sigh

Do you own clothes that, when you put them on, suddenly make you realize that “OH DEAR CHRIST, I was wearing THIS when [insert fateful event] happened”? I do. There is this tunic that I own – it’s very pretty, with a cowl neck, glittery and embroidered, and in the sort of grey-blue colour thatContinue reading “Monday music: more supersonic sigh than silent sigh”

I’m not getting “festive” for the “season”

I see no point. This isn’t some sort of passive-aggressive admonition. I’m not calling on the rest of you to stop gluing tinsel to your car’s radio antenna, or to cancel the Bukovel skiing-and-pills-and-champagne plans, or whatever. I’m not going to lecture anyone about the economy. I don’t care if wreaths are tacky. I likeContinue reading “I’m not getting “festive” for the “season””