Vintage Soviet New Year cards

Scanned and provided to the general public by the lovely Marya Koshkina here and here. There were no official celebrations of Christmas in the USSR, of course. All of that energy was shifted to celebrating the New Year. This has to be one of my favourites: Because I was born in 1984, I was ableContinue reading “Vintage Soviet New Year cards”

Monday music felt like Christmas time

2000 Miles – The Pretenders Sidekick – Lisa Mitchell Life in a Northern Town – Dream Academy Jackson – Hem I Gaer – Sigur Rós S utra shël sneg – Akvarium My Girls – Animal Collective Lonesome Swan – Glasvegas My Sister – Leatherbag Twice – Little Dragon The Orthodox Church around here doesn’t celebrateContinue reading “Monday music felt like Christmas time”

I’m not getting “festive” for the “season”

I see no point. This isn’t some sort of passive-aggressive admonition. I’m not calling on the rest of you to stop gluing tinsel to your car’s radio antenna, or to cancel the Bukovel skiing-and-pills-and-champagne plans, or whatever. I’m not going to lecture anyone about the economy. I don’t care if wreaths are tacky. I likeContinue reading “I’m not getting “festive” for the “season””

Happy Eastern Orthodox Christmas! :)

For those of us who celebrate their holidays according to the Julian Calendar. What I have always liked about it, especially in the States, is that I got to have two Christmases. One was for gifts, the other one was for prayers and singing. It worked out alright. It still does. So have a goodContinue reading “Happy Eastern Orthodox Christmas! :)”