“It was Christmas Eve, babe, In the drunk tank…”

I know I put up this video last year, but my mood seems to be oddly the same this year: The weather in Amman has gotten completely wild, to the point that the wind was literally blowing me sideways as I made my way down the street and to the house (I could point theContinue reading ““It was Christmas Eve, babe, In the drunk tank…””

Schedrik – Carol of the Bells, the Original Ukrainian Version

There’s lots of cool performances and recordings of this song on YouTube, but here is one of my favourites: It’s just a very basic fan video, but the performance really struck me. Incidentally, one of my favourite lines from the original goes – “you have a black-browed wife.” It’s congratulating the guy that the swallowContinue reading “Schedrik – Carol of the Bells, the Original Ukrainian Version”

The Obligatory Christmas Music Video

Is it weird that this song makes me miss North Carolina? You might as well change the lyrics to “little sister brought her new boy friend. He was an aaa-rab.” Well, except that I’m nobody’s little sister (sometimes I wish I was – although being a little cousin ain’t so bad either), and my parentsContinue reading “The Obligatory Christmas Music Video”