The Obligatory Christmas Music Video

Is it weird that this song makes me miss North Carolina? You might as well change the lyrics to “little sister brought her new boy friend. He was an aaa-rab.”

Well, except that I’m nobody’s little sister (sometimes I wish I was – although being a little cousin ain’t so bad either), and my parents were more of the hard-working middle class immigrant stereotype, but still.

You know what I miss about Christmas with the family? The clutter. The happy clutter, to be precise. I miss the twelve different kinds of wrapping paper, all frayed at the edges, and I miss the coffee beans spilling out of their little gift bags, and the stains of red wine in the glasses that I always forgot to wash, and other such nonsense.

Of course, if you’ve never been to Jordan, please don’t be deluded that we don’t have Christmas around here. I’ve been binging on mince pies for what? Like, three straight days now. Many people have holiday lights and Christmas trees peeking out from their windows, and I pass a huge Christmas billboard on my way to the office, which is, in some ways, better than passing one hundred Christmas billboards on your way to the office, I think (call me a bitch, but there’s something about the image of a gift-wrapped Lexus that fills me with misanthropic hatred and envy).

It’s just not the same, that’s all.

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