US Airways Flight 1549 and a Gaza protest nearby

First of all, I have a new hero, his name is Chesley B. Sullenberger, he rocks that pilot’s uniform, and he also rocks crash-landings into the Hudson. La Guardia to Charlotte on US Airways? I’ve gone that route many times. I’m still trying to figure out if anyone I knew was on that plane. Anyway,Continue reading “US Airways Flight 1549 and a Gaza protest nearby”

The Obligatory Christmas Music Video

Is it weird that this song makes me miss North Carolina? You might as well change the lyrics to “little sister brought her new boy friend. He was an aaa-rab.” Well, except that I’m nobody’s little sister (sometimes I wish I was – although being a little cousin ain’t so bad either), and my parentsContinue reading “The Obligatory Christmas Music Video”

Bullet in Tennessee

This was how it ended. People found comfort in the fact that it was “meant” to come down to a blood-spattered backseat of a grim new-model Chevy with a hood bent like a crocodile muzzle, to a hole in your delicate, mysterious brain; what better way to exorcise genius? The note that they found onContinue reading “Bullet in Tennessee”