The Girl Who Went For a Ride: a tale of horror (maybe)

There once lived a girl who knew she was destined for great things, but great things were always taking too long to appear on her horizon. She bided her time with her husband, a street magician, and her best friend, whose main line of work was being an artist’s mistress. Greatness teased the girl, slylyContinue reading “The Girl Who Went For a Ride: a tale of horror (maybe)”

A half-hearted Apocalypse of sorts

In the place I used to be from, they have an old legend about a band of warriors – horses, sabers, embarrassingly well-fitted leather chaps, etc. The legend goes that the warriors were brave and noble and fought on the right side of history. Most retired in peace and died nonviolent deaths. Except for the oneContinue reading “A half-hearted Apocalypse of sorts”

The Blunt Mirror

“Who was it who had the bright idea to use sunlight hares in the attack?” The General asked impatiently. “Hares, sir?” The adjutant hid his amusement. Although the General was only beginning to gray about the temples and the nose hairs, dementia was surely not far off. “There was a figure on a hill. OutflankingContinue reading “The Blunt Mirror”

Blood on the Snow

There once was a man who left his home after trying, and failing, to win the love of a married woman. He travelled for weeks, sometimes on foot, sometimes hitching a ride here and there. Sometimes his body ached with weariness, and sometimes the nights of the waning summer got cold, but he pressed on. OneContinue reading “Blood on the Snow”