“I’m a Happy Cockroach” – The World Premiere

This is my brother and I, singing the “I’m a Happy Cockroach” song, which has become the ringtone of champions in Russian-speaking circles (the word “champions” being, uh, synonymous with “twelve-year-olds”). The thumps you hear are supposed to be the sounds of shoes being flung at the Happy Cockroach. The Happy Cockroach is taunting theContinue reading ““I’m a Happy Cockroach” – The World Premiere”

Dmitrii Artemyev on APN.ru: The Clown-Show to End All Clown-Shows

If you don’t read Russian, you probably don’t know of the existence of Dmitrii Arteymev, an opinion essayist for the popular APN.ru website (APN stands for Agency of Political News) and self-described “Orthodox Christian.” I have to say, I envy you. The misery of knowing that a person like Dmitrii Artemyev exists is a burdenContinue reading “Dmitrii Artemyev on APN.ru: The Clown-Show to End All Clown-Shows”

The Blunt Mirror

“Who was it who had the bright idea to use sunlight hares in the attack?” The General asked impatiently. “Hares, sir?” The adjutant hid his amusement. Although the General was only beginning to gray about the temples and the nose hairs, dementia was surely not far off. “There was a figure on a hill. OutflankingContinue reading “The Blunt Mirror”