Fun fashion meme

Because you can never have enough of talking about yourself. Or clothes. This one was sent to me by email (thanks, Lal!), but it’s frivolously good and ethically conscious, I want to put it up on the blog: Name an item of clothing that has been with you the longest: On my thirteenth birthday, friendsContinue reading “Fun fashion meme”

The Awesome Continues: 100 Names for Batshit* Radfem Blogs, Vol. 2

* – In the interest of human decency, please allow me to point out that not all radfem blogs are batshit. Claiming otherwise would be unfair. No radical feminist who contributed to this list was harmed during its making. Shakespeare! “Heroes”! PUMAs! They’re all in here, and they are all waiting to delight you. AContinue reading “The Awesome Continues: 100 Names for Batshit* Radfem Blogs, Vol. 2”

I am (trashy) Spartacus

In solidarity with the divine Caroline. Tasty glass necklace: Anthropologie. Ring: Russian Orthodox Church gift shop (Moscow Patriarchate). Trash: authentic, E. Euro, hey-bitch-you’re-not-on-the-guest-list riffraff stock. Regular readers of this blog know that I never need an excuse to put up a trash-tastic or otherwise over-the-top picture, but credit must be given to Fearless Feminist Warrior,Continue reading “I am (trashy) Spartacus”