Random style note from the Moscow metro

Elderly woman gets in at Teatralnaya, on the green line. Hair in an elaborate, bouffant hairdo, covered with a black and white polka dot scarf. Loose zebra-print walking coat. Skinny blue jeans. Black patent leather ballet flats. What I like about this relatively mild period in autumn is that such gorgeousness isn’t hidden under bulkyContinue reading “Random style note from the Moscow metro”

The delightful priggitude of the American workplace

There’s nothing quite like the righteousness that many Americans express when it comes to office dress-codes – so readily illustrated by the comments to this older Salon advice column I noticed a while back but never commented on, until now. As the column and the comments illustrated – a woman who works in your average officeContinue reading “The delightful priggitude of the American workplace”

You know what? I don’t need pants. I’m in Ukraine.

I have a long, warm coat to keep me comfortable for when I am outside. When I get inside, and take off that coat, half the time, I am no longer wearing pants. That’s right. I have begun pairing long tank-tops and tights. I wonder what took me so long, to be honest. This isContinue reading “You know what? I don’t need pants. I’m in Ukraine.”

As amusing as it may be to watch two non-Muslim women duke it out over the veil…

… I have to say that this argument between Naomi Wolf & Phyllis Chesler mostly depresses me. When it comes to Wolf, I think she had her heart in the right place, but did make a few claims that rather romanticize the idea of hijab. For example, when she says: It is not that IslamContinue reading “As amusing as it may be to watch two non-Muslim women duke it out over the veil…”

Monday Music: the Chestnuts of Kiev Edition

It’s good to be da king. And it’s good to be back in the city of blooming chestnuts, for a bit. Everyone’s talking politics and, despite the crisis, the bars in the center appear packed. One of my grandmothers has fallen in love with Susan Boyle, the other one is drawing upon her extensive experienceContinue reading “Monday Music: the Chestnuts of Kiev Edition”