Sexy Movies Fail

Because it’s been a horrible few days (folks who have e-mailed – I shall e-mail you back, just give me a moment to process, so I don’t sound like a moron), and, therefore, some lulz are desperately needed in this corner of cyberspace – here is Joe Sapien on “Sexy Movies that Make You Want to Stab Yourself.”

A word of advice – do not attempt to dredge up that Jack Nicholson & Jessica Lange clip from “The Postman Always Rings Twice” re-make. It might possibly ruin your day. Or life. Depending on how fragile you are.

I had to do it for professional reasons, but my life feels good and ruined already – so it’s OK.

6 thoughts on “Sexy Movies Fail

  1. I think it’s a great piece, but I mostly disagreed about Cary Grant. Meesa wuv Cary Grant. It’s interesting, because one of my old friends from Charlotte had a grandfather who was really good friends with Cary Grant. There’s pictures of them together all over the house… *so* lovely… 🙂

  2. Talking of possible fails, what do you think of these attempts at a Russian accent? Is it a crap attempt or fairly credible?

    This is a big ad campaign in the U.K. They’ve even done a Twitter and Facebook page for the main character.

  3. And Swimming Pool?! What kind of crazy age spectrum is Ludivine Sagnier at the far reaches of?!

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