Monday Night Poetry Club

I was ten years old when I discovered this, via a neighbour. Highly complex poetry in English was hard to understand at that point, not that it was necessarily a bad thing. Thank you for introducing me to poetry in the English language, Shel.


Geraldine now, stop shaking that cow
For heaven’s sake, for your sake and the cow’s sake.
That’s the dumbest way I’ve seen
To make a milk shake.

– Shel Silverstein.

My poor grasp of English really made me feel for Geraldine. I took things pretty literally in those days too.

6 thoughts on “Monday Night Poetry Club

  1. The illustration, of course, makes that clear. Geraldine appears to be a normal-sized young girl, but she is nevertheless holding the cow above her head and shaking it earnestly. It looks rather worried and completely uncertain what to do with its legs.

    Thanks for reminding me of Silverstein 🙂

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