Do Something

In a week, seven women are to be stoned to death in Iran.

Try to picture that.

Ali Eteraz has outlined some ways in which we can act to stop this, or, at the very least, take a stand against it. Please go to his site and participate.

On a related note, Ariel Dorfman has recently published an article about torture in the Washington Post. He asked me to spread the word about it. Please read. And then check out this site I found.

P.S. Kevin writes about torture in the context of history.

2 thoughts on “Do Something

  1. Good links, one and all. While I’m loath to pimp myself on someone else’s blog, it’s relevant to the Mr. Dorfman’s article on torture. I did a little historical study on interrogation. I think it’s interesting to compare the tactics used by the most successful interrogator in WW2 to those Bush got approved in Sept. Link

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