Monday Music: the Boy with the Thorn in His Side edition

Here’s Michael Jackson in Mexico, past his prime and yet still able to bring the house down while wearing what appears to be a ladies’ one-piece bathing suit over a pair of short black pants, no less. It has been a crappy few days in pop culture, don’t you think? Now, because Drew tagged meContinue reading “Monday Music: the Boy with the Thorn in His Side edition”

From Facebook: 15 Books in 15 Minutes

Besides work (please read Sarah’s excellent piece on Iran & Twitter, by the way), it has been a slow couple of days. We’re going to Petra tomorrow, and have rented a fancy-schmancy car for the occasion. Tonight, I drove in Amman for the first time. I even rolled down my windows and played particularly trashyContinue reading “From Facebook: 15 Books in 15 Minutes”

The Literary Note

This one was originally facilitated by Facebook, it came to me via a very old and very well-read friend – John – who himself received it from a lovely person named Carole. It’s more challenging than it looks. You have received this note because someone thinks you are a literary geek. Copy the questions intoContinue reading “The Literary Note”

Break from Snark: Interview Meme

Charlotte is to blame for this one. 😉 1. You used to live in the Carolinas, now you live in Amman with frequent visits to the Ukraine. Why did you move and will you be going back to the US anytime soon? I was in a pretty nasty situation in the States, due to studentContinue reading “Break from Snark: Interview Meme”