Oh look, Osama’s dead

… And “buried at sea”, apparently. Hm. Interesting. What scares me now is retaliation, the re-imagining of Osama as a “glorious martyr” and so on. Let’s hope all efforts that go in that direction will be amateurish at best. The Globe and I listened to the President’s address together. “That’s our President – I votedContinue reading “Oh look, Osama’s dead”

Hey Obama, fighting for women’s rights IS fighting terrorism

So I received the news about the Obama Administration’s priorities in regards to the marital rape law in Afghanistan via Matt today. It seems odd to me that “defeating al-Qaeda” is somehow seen as a totally separate quest from ensuring the rights of Afghan women. Excuse me Barack, but what is it that you thinkContinue reading “Hey Obama, fighting for women’s rights IS fighting terrorism”

Break from Snark: Interview Meme

Charlotte is to blame for this one. 😉 1. You used to live in the Carolinas, now you live in Amman with frequent visits to the Ukraine. Why did you move and will you be going back to the US anytime soon? I was in a pretty nasty situation in the States, due to studentContinue reading “Break from Snark: Interview Meme”

Yes We Did

There is so much joy in the air today. I’d like to share two pieces with you: Sarah Jaffe’s report from Obama’s headquarters in Northeast Philly, and Renee Martin’s take on this historic win as a black woman and the mother of children who are set to grow up in a world that’s just aContinue reading “Yes We Did”