Oh look, Osama’s dead

… And “buried at sea”, apparently. Hm. Interesting.

What scares me now is retaliation, the re-imagining of Osama as a “glorious martyr” and so on. Let’s hope all efforts that go in that direction will be amateurish at best.

The Globe and I listened to the President’s address together. “That’s our President – I voted for him,” I told The Globe (speaking of that, I hope the Embassy paperwork won’t be too horrifying for when The Globe is born). The Globe twitched and kicked. “On September 11, 2001, I was in high school,” I told The Globe. “You don’t even know what high school is yet. Anyway, Mr. Che said that the person responsible will be caught. It’s nearly a decade later, and here I am, already pregnant with you, and two wars later, it finally happened.”

The Globe kicked some more. He’s really far away from all of that now, completely oblivious to even the barest notion of international terrorism, of the prolonged conflict in Afghanistan, of civilians killed. He’s far away from all that, and for now, I’m glad.

6 thoughts on “Oh look, Osama’s dead

  1. @Natalia Antonova

    The only reason I don’t share the suspicion about OBL’s assassination is that, so far, no ‘authoritative’ terrorist group has explicitly disputed the news of his death. According to my Twitter feed, local folks in Abbottabad are claiming that only women and children were killed, but no one in the terrorist hierarchy has claimed that OBL is still alive. It could be that, to terrorists, OBL is worth more dead than alive.

    On Slate.com today, Christopher Hitchens has an article on OBL’s death that’s worth reading, even for those who (like me) are not fans of Hitchens.

    Also: Abbottabad was named after British Army Major Abbott who under the Raj apparently promoted the area as a resort for colonial officers. Globalizaton never stops.

  2. @Natalia

    Edited to read “suspicion about REPORTS of OBL’s assassination”.

    I had simply read, in the comment thread at Feministe, comments by yourself and Nahida as suggesting that reports of OBL’s death needed confirmation. As usual, I may have projected my own paranoia into other people’s comments. I apologize if I was in error.

  3. Please note that, in my above reply, I was editing my own initial comment. I should have made that clear in the first place.

  4. I don’t have any big suspicions – I’m sure that he’s dead. The burial at sea stuff is interesting for a variety of reasons, though. Kingdom of SA wouldn’t have his body, apparently – and neither would Pakistan. Nobody wants an Osama shrine on their territory, I guess.

  5. …considering what fans continue to do to Jim Morrison’s grave I’m not surprised no one wants the responsibility of hosting ObL’s plot.

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