Good Music (Patrick Wolf) + Good Drinks (Spicy Screwdriver) + Thursday Car Rides (With Bile)

It’s Thursday evening in Amman, which means that the weekend has officially begun. Time for creative output and much corporal cuddling of kitties. You know, today, I was sick to my stomach already when I hailed a cab to go to First Circle. The cab was driven by a man who was 120 years old,Continue reading “Good Music (Patrick Wolf) + Good Drinks (Spicy Screwdriver) + Thursday Car Rides (With Bile)”

Yes We Did

There is so much joy in the air today. I’d like to share two pieces with you: Sarah Jaffe’s report from Obama’s headquarters in Northeast Philly, and Renee Martin’s take on this historic win as a black woman and the mother of children who are set to grow up in a world that’s just aContinue reading “Yes We Did”

Hello, Baby Anton

On April 1st, in Kiev, my godfather, Vladimir, and his girlfriend, Oksana, welcomed Baby Anton into their life. Anton weighs nearly four kilos. He is 55 centimeters tall. His name was inspired by the Orthodox Church calendar of names (as opposed to our last name, though it’s cool to have that association regardless). Darling Baby,Continue reading “Hello, Baby Anton”