Dear Roman Polanski, we have presents for you

Right through here.

Seriously  – this entire Polanski thing has once again reminded me that I am in the wrong line of work. The news is an unnecessarily depressing business. I’d like to go back to my earlier childhood dream of being an orientologist in Australia. Or Brazil. Or Argentina. I’m pretty sure that not many species of birds have rape – except for ducks, but who needs ducks? I could have been studying the tinamou. It’s a terrific bird, when you think about it, really. Nearly 50 species. An ancient lineage. They make beautiful calls, very shyly, from behind bushes, rocks and trees. They lay attractively coloured eggs. These are creatures that are worth the development of patient observation techniques.

This is all just a polite way of saying FUCK THIS POLANSKI NONSENSE WITH A GARDEN RAKE, of course. But then again, I don’t know. I hear that rural Argentina’s nice.

8 thoughts on “Dear Roman Polanski, we have presents for you

  1. @Natalia Antonova — ” … orientologist …”

    Orientology in Australia sounds interesting. So does ornithology.:)

  2. You were baiting the audience with your “orientologist” in Brazil etc. I should have known better than to respond.

    Never underestimate Natalia Antonova.:)

  3. “I speak English much best…”

    It’s actually “more better”.

    I’m mystified people continue to defend this guy… I would, by the way, totally go in there for a free hug. As long as there was candy.

  4. So um… what are you trhing to say? Orientonitology aside 🙂 Here’s what I propose: we all go to Montreux and shoot his balls off with a shotgun. How does that sound? He’ll die in terrible pain, slowly.

  5. “Kill Mulder, and you risk turning one man’s quest into a crusade.”

    Seriously, though, I just wish people would, like, STOP defending what the guy did, if at all possible. So here is what we should do – we should counter the “zomg it was the wild 70’s, drugging and sodomizing children was totally fashionable” with rational arguments. Over and over again. Until these people SHUT UP.

  6. I’d like to point out that his sodomisation of his victim was actually an act of mercy and consideration: he was avoiding knocking her up. Other things being equal this should earn him a few days off off of his long sentence.

    How are you gonna stop people from defending him? 1. People are stupid 2. People are dishonest. 3. People feel they’re threatened because they are kinda like Roman in some sense, if not direct pedophilia and rape, then as members of the sam glamorous social-parasite classes. Finally, at least some of his defenders are on his payroll, I suspect. How are you gonna prevent this sort of thing from happening?

    No, this is hopeless. I think my idea is far superior. Justice will be served and a lesson given.

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