So apparently being female and on Facebook is all about seeking validation

I hope Tracy Clark-Flory was just bored, or something. I hope it was a slow news day. Because – and I mean this in the spirit of sisterhood and camaraderie – who gives a fuck?! And who sincerely wants to live this way? A Facebook friend gets married and posts a bunch of pictures andContinue reading “So apparently being female and on Facebook is all about seeking validation”

From Facebook: 15 Books in 15 Minutes

Besides work (please read Sarah’s excellent piece on Iran & Twitter, by the way), it has been a slow couple of days. We’re going to Petra tomorrow, and have rented a fancy-schmancy car for the occasion. Tonight, I drove in Amman for the first time. I even rolled down my windows and played particularly trashyContinue reading “From Facebook: 15 Books in 15 Minutes”

Sexual Harassment: taking one for the team on Facebook

I’m friending back the strange men who add me on Facebook via the Jordan network, then having protracted conversations with them as to why they’re adding me, what they’re hoping to accomplish, etc. What immediately struck me is that they don’t try to make me interested in them – they assume I am interested rightContinue reading “Sexual Harassment: taking one for the team on Facebook”

How NOT to friend me on Facebook

Message me with any variation on the following: “hai can we be friendz lol bye.” Ask me the following: “u look hot to handle… will I melt if I touch?” Have any of the following in the Interests section of your profile: “f(uc)king girls,” (thank you so much for clarifying, it’s good to know you’reContinue reading “How NOT to friend me on Facebook”