I am (trashy) Spartacus

In solidarity with the divine Caroline.


Tasty glass necklace: Anthropologie. Ring: Russian Orthodox Church gift shop (Moscow Patriarchate). Trash: authentic, E. Euro, hey-bitch-you’re-not-on-the-guest-list riffraff stock.

Regular readers of this blog know that I never need an excuse to put up a trash-tastic or otherwise over-the-top picture, but credit must be given to Fearless Feminist Warrior, FA, for the inspiration. FA is one of the mysteries of the internet universe. She’s a woman-loving feminist, very fond of words like “trash” and “whore,” who first launched her internet career by loudly complaining about my “perky tits” and the perky tits of diverse blogosphere denizens such as Renegade Evolution, Jill Fillipovic, and Apostate.

FA is in a class of her own. Though she sympathizes, to some degree, with radical feminists, she thinks that Twisty is too soft, and neither does she appear to be a Cheryl Seelhoff fan.

Rumour has it than FA is an elaborate joke – created by someone just bored enough. If this is indeed the case, I take my skull-patterened scarf off in honour of the prankster. FA may not be particularly believable (if only because one hopes such people don’t really exist), but she certainly is good for a laugh.

Trash on, my dear sisters.

10 thoughts on “I am (trashy) Spartacus

  1. Wow, she has a Natalia-watch?! Amazing. I’ll just be happy if she starts spelling my last name correctly.

    Although if you unseat me as Token Hott Fun Feminist Chick, we are NOT friends.

  2. Well sheee-it! I am impressed, Natalia! Very, very well done. It’s always nice to meet kinfolks in far away places! 😛

    ((opens Diet Rite and Cheetos in salute)))

  3. You are right to hope that she is a joke because if not this woman is profoundly unhappy person. To be so obsessed with what others are doing is ridiculous. I have popped by her blog a few times and for someone who supposedly is interested in presenting a feminist agenda she spends a lot of time trashing women.

  4. Have you noticed that she only seems to go after (beautiful) women who have photos of themselves on their blogs?

    You know. It’s not as though I WANT to add a creepy stalker to the “team;” but I will say that sometimes, the closet is a strange place to be in…

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