The Awesome Continues: 100 Names for Batshit* Radfem Blogs, Vol. 2

* – In the interest of human decency, please allow me to point out that not all radfem blogs are batshit. Claiming otherwise would be unfair. No radical feminist who contributed to this list was harmed during its making.

Shakespeare! “Heroes”! PUMAs!

They’re all in here, and they are all waiting to delight you. A great number of people participated on this one, so instead of listing them all and then un-listing the ones who wish to remain anonymous, and annoying everybody, I’m just going to ask the authors to come forward in the commenting section. As always, suggestions for Vol. 3 are welcome, as are new list ideas. If your stuff didn’t make it in, please do not despair. Submit again.

May the force be with us all:

…Sputter! Sputter!
…Where Is Everybody?
A Room with a View of HELL (special thanks to Eddie Izzard)
A Sexpox On Your House
Alas, Poor Patriarchy. I Knew Him, the Bastard.
Alive: Building the Matriarchy on the Snowy Slopes of the Andes
All By My-se-e-e-lllf
All Womyn, Except for You
Apolitical Lesbian-Sister Love (But Not In That Way)
Appalled By Your Vulgar Language
As the Womb Turns
Attack of Vicious Pro-Porn Baby Seals
Authentic Lesbians Only Please
Bad Feminist; No Scrambled Tofu
Being a White Lady is Just Like Being a Black Person (No, Really)
Bitten In Half
Bondage. Patriarchal Bondage.
Brave Sir Robin Bravely Erased the Dissenting Comments from the Moderation Queue
Burning the Sadopornoiarchy
Clutching My Pearls In a Pale Gothic Deathgrip
Cornered By Hungry Weevils
Cry The Beloved Tupperware Party
Death By Telemarketer
Dingoes Ate My Dignity
Drawn & Quartered
Eternal Moonshine of the Witless Mind
Eyeliner is a Gateway Drug
Facedown in a Culvert
Fembots Did Unspeakable Things to Me with an Eyelash Curler and All I Got was this Lousy Blog
Feminism, Motherfucker, Do You Speak It?
For Goddess and C[o]untry
Fucking Anger Tears
Get Off My Lawn! (A Revolutionary Manifesto)
Have Vagina, Will Travel
Heart-rending Betrayal
Hillary is a Wild Wood Elf
Hot, Bisexee and DAMNED
House of Outercourse: The G-Spot Happens to Other People
I Blame The Democrats
I Wipe My Ass with Your Miniskirt
If You Weren’t Such a Slut, Abortion Wouldn’t Matter
If I Had a Dime For Each Catastrophe I Suffer, I’d Be Comfortably Middle-Class
Insulted by Extremely Rude Wombat
It’s Not A Revolution If You’re Smiling
Lesbian Bed Death
Lesbian Shoes Incident
Light Bulbs of the Fertile Moon(cup)
Look Upon My Blog, Ye Mighty, And Despair
MENZ: A Bestiary
Monster (By That I Mean Robin Morgan, You Plagiarists)
Moon Juice Ritual
Murder by Tapeworm
My Academic Jargon Translates Into “Dumb Slut”
My Orgasms Are Impure When You Dress That Way
Nails on Chalkboard
No If’s Ands or Buttsecks
Obotos Ate My Baby
Out! Out! Damned Patriarch! (Lady Macbeth was Framed!)
Pagan Mystic Goddessy Back to the Land Hide in the Bunker Purge the Contaminants and Destroy the World… Style
Pelted With Monkey Poop
Peter Petrelli is a Patriarch
Put on a Sweater, I’m Cold
Quit Raping Me With Your Oppressive Rhetoric
Release the Hounds!
Respite from the Sadofascists
Shooting The Patriarchy From My Helicopter
SILENCED – a blog
Someone Peed in my Favourite Slipper
Stalking Off in a Dreadful Huff
Stop Cheerleading, Save the World
Stop the Patriarchy, I Want to Get Off
Stuff Radical Feminists Like: OUR OWN SUFFERING
Stung To Death By Manta Rays
Tarred and Feathered
The Deader And Whiter The Better
The Ever-Shrinking Circle
The Fempire Strikes Back
The Patriarchy Sucks (But I Refuse To)
The Popular Peoples’ Front Of Radical Feminism (YOU’RE the SPLITTER!!)
The Victimmest Victim that was Ever Victimmed
There’s Rue For You, And There’s Some For Me
Tied To The Railroad Tracks
Vagina Solidarity (Well, Unless You Shave Down There)
When In Disgrace With Fortune And Men’s Eyes, I All Alone Beweep My Outcast State
When Obama Made It, Did You Hear a Bell Ring?
Woe, For I Did Bear a Boy-Child, And Now He Hath Teen-Age, and Lo! He Doth Ogleth The Porn.
Won’t Get Off the Cross
You Can’t Make Fun Of Me, I’m A GIRL I Mean FEMINIST
You’re Not Invited To Our Big Tent Feminism
Your Bad Thoughts Oppress Me
Your Body, My Choice
Your Head Is Turned But I Know You’re Still Watching

17 thoughts on “The Awesome Continues: 100 Names for Batshit* Radfem Blogs, Vol. 2

  1. Well, I know “the Ever-Shrinking Circle” and “Gynetopia” are mine, and I see I’m not the only Heroes fan who contributed. (Even if “Stop Cheerleading, Save the World” is a bit outdated…hey, if it weren’t for outdated pop culture reference, these womyn would have no other kind!) As for the rest, damn, those are funny! I’ll tell you, I thought that kind of “feminism” went out with the Pinto and polyester bell bottoms. Boy…um, I mean, “Girl”….I was unpleasantly surprised!

  2. “You’re Not Invited To Our Big Tent Feminism” lol, pure win.

    I believe mine was “Being a White Lady is Just Like Being a Black Person (No, Really)”

  3. How about these for possible wingnut radfem blog titles:

    “A New Right(eous) Feminism”
    “First thing we do, we shoot the vibrators”
    “Burning Bras, Trashing Thongs: A New Radical Feminist Manifesto”
    “Girl, Pull Up Your Knickers!!”

    And finally, a classic of mine:

    “We Are The GenderBorg. Your Vagina Belongs To Us. You WILL Be Assimilated”

    “Ernest Greene KILLED MY PARENTS”?!?!?! LOL…FTW

    Actually, they all win.


  4. “Help! I’m Being Chased by the Pro-Pimp Lobby!”

    “There’s an ‘Independent Sex Worker’ Under My Bed.”

  5. “Survival of the Femin-est”

    “All Your Base Urges Are Belong to the Patriarchy”

    “Kali-Ma Was My Godmother”

    “Buffy the Patriarchy Slayer” (tagline: “In each generation there is a chosen one: she alone will stand against the demons of the Patriarchy. This is her blog”)

  6. this was linked on someone else’s blog so I stopped by to check it out… some of the titles are funny on their own, like “SILENCED- a blog,” but what are you referring to in general? What is a radical feminist, or what is the kind of radical feminist you dislike? I have not encountered any maudlin radical emo batshit feminist blogs and I’d like an example or a point of reference.

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