Христос Воскрес!

Я в гроб сойду и в третий день восстану, И, как сплавляют по реке плоты, Ко мне на суд, как баржи каравана, Столетья поплывут из темноты – Борис Пастернак I will go down to the grave and on the third day rise, And, like rafts floated downriver, To my judgment, like barges in a caravan,Continue reading “Христос Воскрес!”

Shameless self-promotion: My take on the recent Wisconsin debacle

God, Diabetes, and Death in Wisconsin. In other news, is it time for me to trot out this whole “dude, my grandma, she of the frilly dresses and purple lipstick, is a better feminist than half the blogosphere combined?” Apparently. Either way, I have to thank Twisty Faster for allowing me to present my viewpointContinue reading “Shameless self-promotion: My take on the recent Wisconsin debacle”

Dmitrii Artemyev on APN.ru: The Clown-Show to End All Clown-Shows

If you don’t read Russian, you probably don’t know of the existence of Dmitrii Arteymev, an opinion essayist for the popular APN.ru website (APN stands for Agency of Political News) and self-described “Orthodox Christian.” I have to say, I envy you. The misery of knowing that a person like Dmitrii Artemyev exists is a burdenContinue reading “Dmitrii Artemyev on APN.ru: The Clown-Show to End All Clown-Shows”