Easter Sunday in Novogireyevo

It’s the sort of day when church bells ring non-stop and people bring their digital SLR cameras and fancily dressed Chihuahuas named Caesar out to various Moscow parks, making me bemoan the fact that our own digital SLR camera is currently in a village outside Voronezh, accompanying my husband on a filming excursion. He canContinue reading “Easter Sunday in Novogireyevo”

Христос Воскрес!

Я в гроб сойду и в третий день восстану, И, как сплавляют по реке плоты, Ко мне на суд, как баржи каравана, Столетья поплывут из темноты – Борис Пастернак I will go down to the grave and on the third day rise, And, like rafts floated downriver, To my judgment, like barges in a caravan,Continue reading “Христос Воскрес!”