People write me about student debt

And some of them are talking about wanting to end their lives. They are not speaking from “weakness” or “stupidity.” They’re just tired. They feel done. “I’ve never had serious issues with suicidal ideation, but damnit, this is causing that for me,” one woman wrote – she ended up having trouble with her loans dueContinue reading “People write me about student debt”

First Addie Polk, Now the Rajarams

The thing about financial crises is that they destroy lives. If you think I’m exaggerating, look back at 1929. It wasn’t that long ago, especially when you think about it in terms of how young the United States of America is. When I was living in Durham, NC, having graduated, unable to find a reasonablyContinue reading “First Addie Polk, Now the Rajarams”

D.C. Madam commits suicide, pigs sprout wings, and the aliens bring back Elvis

Forgive me for being just a tad suspicious in the wake of this death. Deborah Palfrey, the famous D.C. madam, probably knew a lot of secrets. Her continued existence was inconvenient and irritating to many people. She could have easily written the sort of bestselling memoir that could make publishers weep at her feet (thoughContinue reading “D.C. Madam commits suicide, pigs sprout wings, and the aliens bring back Elvis”

Bullet in Tennessee

This was how it ended. People found comfort in the fact that it was “meant” to come down to a blood-spattered backseat of a grim new-model Chevy with a hood bent like a crocodile muzzle, to a hole in your delicate, mysterious brain; what better way to exorcise genius? The note that they found onContinue reading “Bullet in Tennessee”