US Airways Flight 1549 and a Gaza protest nearby

First of all, I have a new hero, his name is Chesley B. Sullenberger, he rocks that pilot’s uniform, and he also rocks crash-landings into the Hudson. La Guardia to Charlotte on US Airways? I’ve gone that route many times. I’m still trying to figure out if anyone I knew was on that plane. Anyway, I’m just glad that everyone appears to be OK.

Second of all, here’s what’s going on in Amman today:


This is the only picture that came out somewhat decently (I really need to get my other camera fixed), and what you don’t see, unfortunately, is the abundance of Communist flags alongside Muslim Brotherhood flags. An interesting combination, if I may say so myself.

Anyway, the good news is, it was another peaceful protest. Not at all consistent with the popular FOX News imagery of those “ranting and raving A-rabs.” Considering all of the protests that have been happening here in Amman, I have received several concerned e-mails. But I’m fine, and, like everyone else, just waiting for a truce.

Gaza Protests in Amman

Lots of protests about the latest flare-up in Gaza in town today. I’ve been advised to “steer clear,” but there was one going on in my neighbourhood, and it went alright. No craziness. Just some really angry and frustrated people.

I don’t have any words on what to do about, well, any of this, really. You’d think that since moving to the region, I’d be running my mouth off about it on any day of the week. But I have gotten much, much quieter.

Everywhere you look, there’s death. That’s all I can say for now.