Monday music felt like Christmas time

two thousand miles is very far through the snow...
two thousand miles is very far through the snow

2000 Miles – The Pretenders
Sidekick – Lisa Mitchell
Life in a Northern Town – Dream Academy
Jackson – Hem
I Gaer – Sigur Rós
S utra shël sneg – Akvarium
My Girls – Animal Collective
Lonesome Swan – Glasvegas
My Sister – Leatherbag
Twice – Little Dragon

The Orthodox Church around here doesn’t celebrate Christmas until January 7th, but whatever, there’s not reason to not be internationalist. Here’s one of my favourite Christmas songs of all time:

And, of course, here’s the same song I listen to every Christmas, this time done by Coldplay, and not badly too (everyone hates Coldplay, but I couldn’t give a shit):

I remember being reminded of this song when I walked into a Donna Karan boutique in Dubai. It played as I browsed cashmere dresses I couldn’t afford. It was warm outside, I was wearing sparkling flats, almost as good as diamonds in the snow, but not quite. Not quite.

3 thoughts on “Monday music felt like Christmas time

  1. With the belated celebration of christmas I always feel vaguely guilty about getting in the spirit early, as though I’m capitulating to the Catholic Church..

  2. So I went to my husband’s church. Not one mention of the mother of god except for an excerpt about how the angel assured joseph she wasn’t damaged goods. And people say the older churches don’t like women

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