“Fully sexually available to men”? Haven’t we been through this?

Yes, Virginia, we have.

Still, this is kind of a special moment in the history of the feminist blogosphere: transphobia AND rape apologia, in one nifty little stocking stuffer of a post:

sex-pos transwomen–if i were born male, like you were, i might be “sex-positive,” too.  you know:  exhibitionist, pro-porn, and squeeee!-fully sexually available to men.  if only…. — from someone called factcheckme

This darling individual also goes on to make the following precious statement:

while the T’s in GLBT have all the political power and protection that comes from co-opting the GLB movement…

“Political power and protection,” eh? “Protection” that results in hate crimes against trans women all over the world? “Protection” that ensures that major media outlets can’t even be bothered with using the right pronouns when it comes to talking about a murdered trans woman? THAT kind of protection?

crazy + powerful = “eccentric,” doncha know!  and “eccentric” is f-u-n, which is about all it takes to be wrapped in the teeny-tiny bosom of the twenty-something fun-fems.

Just to give you one example: It sure is “fun” when you’re going out with a friend in the cosmopolitan urban center known as London and the two of you have to be extra-careful when it comes to choosing a pub or restaurant, because both of you know without a doubt that if you choose the wrong one, something ugly will happen to your friend. While I’m fully aware that bad things can and do happen to all of us, I know that statistically speaking, violence against trans women is nothing to joke about. And it makes me bitter. And it makes me angry. Because all I want to do is have a couple of drinks, talk about pop music, and eat some goddamn oysters. And it’s assholes like you who think that my friend doesn’t deserve the basic human dignity of a normal evening out, let alone the basic human dignity of going through life without being discriminated against and scorned.

I’ll press my teeny-tiny bosom against anyone I damn please, in the meantime. So sorry that I didn’t ask for your approval first. Funny how it works out, doesn’t it? First it’s men telling you all about whom “nice girls” should and shouldn’t associate with, then it’s fellow feminists. Same shit, different demographic.

To go back to the comment about us being “fully sexually available to men,” Ren is right, Caroline is right, this is offhand rape apologia. It’s as if the people who spout it honestly believe that there is a certain class of willing “comfort women” out there. I don’t even know what kind of twisted logic… Actually, wait, I do know exactly the kind of twisted logic we’re talking about here. It’s the same twisted logic that leads certain men to utter phrases such as “you can’t rape a slut” in all seriousness. So revolutionary, that.

9 thoughts on ““Fully sexually available to men”? Haven’t we been through this?

  1. That’s why like feminist, intersex people such as my self are not buying into the trans dogma crap either.

  2. You should see Nicky’s comment at factcheckme’s, it’s precious. I believe the words “the Transgender Taliban” were used. Cos Emmy, you know you just be out trying to scare us cis-folk! Big bad evil bunneh!

  3. Gosh, that’s a horrendous post by factcheckme! However, I’m really heartened by the number of cis people who have taken the time to take her to task (everyone here, included). Thank you! 🙂

    Unfortunately, these hate-filled people are always going to be popping up and it takes a huge amount of energy to even get them to listen. Oh well… Sigh

  4. The comments thread is even worse. It’s full of statements that are so nasty and hateful, they could have come out of that microwave at the end of Time bandits.

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