Happy Eastern Orthodox Christmas! :)

For those of us who celebrate their holidays according to the Julian Calendar. What I have always liked about it, especially in the States, is that I got to have two Christmases. One was for gifts, the other one was for prayers and singing. It worked out alright. It still does. So have a good one!


6 thoughts on “Happy Eastern Orthodox Christmas! :)

  1. Happy Christmas. In Greece, and now in the UK, we go by the Gregorian calendar. It still feels weird that Epiphany is not a holiday and we’ll be doing the water blessing this Sunday instead.

  2. Kala Christouyenna!

    I’m on the new calendar, but no reason I can wish you a merry Christmas too 😛

  3. Merry Christmas! One of my favorite parts about being Serbian has always been having Christmas on a different day and all of our unique rituals.

    We usually say Hristos se Rodi so that’s why i’m saying here 🙂

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