Merry Christmas from the family!

In honour of the great Robert Earl Keene, here is some alternative music for your holiday:

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the family!

  1. I really like that DDT song. I’d never heard it before. How would you translate the part that goes ‘Shestovo prinili rodi, bez shesti minut shest’?

  2. The literal translation of “принять роды” is to “receive a birth,” etc. deliver a baby (but in Russian, it’s the mother who delivers, whoever is helping her receives the baby). So if you wanted it closer to normal English it would go – On the 6th we delivered the baby, six minutes until six. It’s a reference to the number of the beast.

  3. Happy Christmas! s novym godom! I see much has been happening in your life since I last checked your blog (I’m in China where wordpress is blocked..) – just want to wish you all the very best with your family, work and writing, and to stay safe in these scary times – lily

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