2010: the year that was

Well, it was a year in which my entire life changed. Again. It’s funny how that keeps happening.

I got a new job, moved to a new country, met a new guy, and decided to procreate with him. I wrote four short plays, one which turned out to be good, according to independent sources. I swam in a sea of stars, far out towards the horizon, something the person that I used to be could not have done. I’ve kept working on a novel. I lost two teeth, messed up my back, but, according to my resolution from last year, I did indeed stop pretending that everything’s Fucking Horrible. Everything’s fine.

My resolution for 2011 is to successfully give birth to a happy baby – and perhaps a couple of more plays. And finish the draft of that novel. It could be a good one. I’m in exactly the right spot in the world for the sort of story I am working on – a fantastical story, naturally. What other kind of story could a person like me conceivably write in Moscow?

Today, I watched both snow and sunlight fall on the earth as I made my way to work. I caught a ride with a chatty international student, who told me that my New Year’s resolution should actually involve buying a car. “Fancy people like you should have their own cars,” he summed up his case. “And it’s not like you need a Maybach.” I had no idea where he got the idea that I’m fancy – but it turned out that he liked my coat. The fiance had insisted that I buy this coat a few months ago, before I got pregnant. It really does have  fetching collar. At least I’m a stylish pregnant pukey lady.

Thanks to my friends and the readers of this blog, and the readers of this blog who happen to be friends. 2010 was a good year. See you on the other side, as always. 🙂

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