Monday music: more supersonic sigh than silent sigh

Do you own clothes that, when you put them on, suddenly make you realize that “OH DEAR CHRIST, I was wearing THIS when [insert fateful event] happened”? I do. There is this tunic that I own – it’s very pretty, with a cowl neck, glittery and embroidered, and in the sort of grey-blue colour that loves my eyes – and I haven’t worn it since March, and I have just figured out why. I feel confident and shiny in it, like a china doll in tissue paper, and I also feel that if an article clothing could ever be haunted – it would certainly be a tunic like this.

So on top of all of the usual Monday stuff, I’ve been walking around and feeling like this:

I think it’s a good illustration, no? I mean, you guys can always tell me if you think it’s too subtle.

Anyways. On with the music:

We Talk Like Machines – Savoir Adore
Third Stone from the Sun – Jimi Hendrix
Girl Anachronism – The Dresden Dolls
Remedy (Buffetlibre vs. Sidechains Remix) – Little Boots
Imagine? – Beat Crusaders
Shadows (Teenagers Remix) – Au Revoir Simone
Ruby Tuesday (Live) – The Rolling Stones
Won’t Wash – Hot Chip
The Other Side of the World – Tindersticks
Such Great Heights – The Postal Service

And here’s dessert:

This video, of course, while legendary, has also served as the source of one of the most legendary animated gifs of all time. I present here, for your enjoyment:

One of my greatest fears in this world (aside from this whole “zomg total life ruinage” thing that we all have from time to time) is never being able to rival such greatness.

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