Some of my new theater writing & whining

Since I’ve been really struggling with Short Play #3 and Short Play #4, here is me instead on other people’s work:

Teatr.Doc does a play on Sergei Magnitsky – and very nearly pulls it off (and still will, I think, once this production gains some focus)

I write a kind of primer on Russia’s new drama movement – Mikhail Ugarov talks about going to the theater in Russia as a “mere cultural gesture.” I love it when that man gets snarky.

Personally, I am having an impossible time right now. I was genuinely excited about this thing I’ve been chipping away at for a month or so – a play, or else a script for a short film, no more than half an hour in length – and today I was unequivocally told that it does not achieve the goals that it sets out to achieve. If I currently owned a frying pan, I’d beat myself about with it, I really would.

I guess it’s back to square one.

“Write a monologue,” I’m told. “Write about something that concerns you personally, for a change.”

I’m worried that I’ll have to – because it doesn’t feel like I have a choice.

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