Remember: I read tarot

For cheap.

I don’t think that the tarot has anything to do with predicting the future – but it is useful when you’re trying to figure out the present. I think of it as a form of therapy, not as a form of fortune-telling. Different spreads usually suit different people, and I do all of my readings in essay form via e-mail these days. I find that useful. If you’re interested, drop me a line in the comments section here (be sure to include your real e-mail address in the form) and I’ll get in touch over the next few days. I accept PayPal.

4 thoughts on “Remember: I read tarot

  1. I seem to be wandering a bit in the wilderness right now. I’ll take whatever guidance I can get.

    jsullivan1950 at gmail dot com

  2. More free advertising for this from me as well. I liked seeing what the results came up with.

  3. hello! i saw this come up on feministe but decided to pop over here and leave the comment since i didn’t want it to get lost amongst all the flailing. if you still have time, i’d definitely be interested.

    email: zavoloka at gmail dot com

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