The tarot shop is open for business

I do readings these days, like in the good old days. I thought I’d announce it here. My general style is to send a detailed reading description over e-mail, after negotiating the general terms of the reading – i.e., what you’d like to talk about. I don’t believe in any of that “predicting the future”Continue reading “The tarot shop is open for business”

While faffing about autumnal Kiev, I met a new love

But before I tell you about that, here are some tourist pictures (since it’s been dawning on me that most of the people who read this blog don’t really live in Kiev, and haven’t even been there): I took the funicular up from Podol, and took a look at the bell tower of the SofievskiyContinue reading “While faffing about autumnal Kiev, I met a new love”

Monday Music: the Hermit edition

Today’s music is dedicated to a major arcana tarot card: the Hermit. Because – goddamit, it is cold outside. Also because – I’ve done, like, 20 readings already. And it’s been less than a week since I’ve had the cards back. My Brambles – Alela Diane Flykstoda – Ebba Grön Love & Harm – LeatherbagContinue reading “Monday Music: the Hermit edition”