Remember: I read tarot

For cheap.

I don’t think that the tarot has anything to do with predicting the future – but it is useful when you’re trying to figure out the present. I think of it as a form of therapy, not as a form of fortune-telling. Different spreads usually suit different people, and I do all of my readings in essay form via e-mail these days. I find that useful. If you’re interested, drop me a line in the comments section here (be sure to include your real e-mail address in the form) and I’ll get in touch over the next few days. I accept PayPal.

The tarot shop is open for business

I do readings these days, like in the good old days. I thought I’d announce it here. My general style is to send a detailed reading description over e-mail, after negotiating the general terms of the reading – i.e., what you’d like to talk about. I don’t believe in any of that “predicting the future” claptrap, but I think tarot can do a damn good job of helping a person make sense of the present. I think it helps us recognize certain patterns in our lives and it can hit upon a lot of things that are buried in our subconscious. I also think of it as a relaxing way to pass the time. Prices are negotiable and payable via Paypal.

I’ve read Daisy’s tarot once upon a time. And Sarah’s. I also don’t do asshole requests like, “So tell me what I’m thinking about right now, haw haw.” Tarot should be fun – for both parties involved. It’s not a magic act.

The deck I currently use is a Viking myth deck. I bought it in Kiev – my native city, and a city founded by Vikings, according to legends.

If you’d like a reading, get in touch here, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ (cue cool transition, courtesy of Ray William Johnson).

While faffing about autumnal Kiev, I met a new love

But before I tell you about that, here are some tourist pictures (since it’s been dawning on me that most of the people who read this blog don’t really live in Kiev, and haven’t even been there):

OK, I need affordable real estate. Right. Hello? God?
Podol. OK, I need affordable real estate. Right here. Hello? God?

I took the funicular up from Podol, and took a look at the bell tower of the Sofievskiy Cathedral. The picture doesn’t work at all and is blurry and rather crap-tastic overall, but I like the pretty colours:

For whom the bell tolls. Etc.
For whom the bell tolls. Etc.

And just off Independence Square, I saw this:

The haunted, frightened trees.
The haunted, frightened trees.

I think there are few urban centers where autumn is sadder, or more intense, than in Kiev. I know what you’re going to say – you’re going to say, “but what about St. Petersburg?” and while I haven’t been to St. Petersburg since the days when I ate dirt and tried to flush shoes down the toilet, I’m going to stroke my chin and point out that St. Petersburg is, um, crisper. Yes.

Anyway, the actual point of this post is the fact that I now have found, and bought, a gorgeous new tarot deck. It’s so gorgeous, that I squeaked “please hold this for me” and dashed out into the street and in search of an ATM. I never do this with these kinds of purchases; usually, I mull things over, call a friend and bug them for advice, wrinkle my nose, have a cup of tea, et cetera. Not this time, though. This was love at first sight. I was sitting there with a catalogue on my knees, telling the nice grandmotherly shopkeeper that I really, really wasn’t finding anything that matched my overall aesthetic and general philosophy, and suddenly, it was as if a mishmash of Eric Northman and half-forgotten dreams of giant cats and stars caught in trees had fallen into my lap. The lap went all a-quiver.

The cards feature Vikings. They’re weird and beautiful, and we’re having fun getting to know each other already.

Monday Music: the Hermit edition

Today’s music is dedicated to a major arcana tarot card: the Hermit. Because – goddamit, it is cold outside. Also because – I’ve done, like, 20 readings already. And it’s been less than a week since I’ve had the cards back.

My Brambles – Alela Diane
Flykstoda – Ebba Grön
Love & Harm – Leatherbag
Everyone’s At It – Lily Allen
40 Days & 40 Nights – Muddy Waters
Bailing Dry #2 – Shannon Bourne
Lonesome Day – Bruce Springsteen
Sweet Sunlight – Shelagh McDonald
Three Marlenas – the Wallflowers
It’s Better To Be Alone – The Lonesome Sisters

And here is Elton John with one of the best songs ever, as recommended by Egon:

Take your uppers now. And remember – I barter those tarot readings.