The tarot shop is open for business

I do readings these days, like in the good old days. I thought I’d announce it here. My general style is to send a detailed reading description over e-mail, after negotiating the general terms of the reading – i.e., what you’d like to talk about. I don’t believe in any of that “predicting the future” claptrap, but I think tarot can do a damn good job of helping a person make sense of the present. I think it helps us recognize certain patterns in our lives and it can hit upon a lot of things that are buried in our subconscious. I also think of it as a relaxing way to pass the time. Prices are negotiable and payable via Paypal.

I’ve read Daisy’s tarot once upon a time. And Sarah’s. I also don’t do asshole requests like, “So tell me what I’m thinking about right now, haw haw.” Tarot should be fun – for both parties involved. It’s not a magic act.

The deck I currently use is a Viking myth deck. I bought it in Kiev – my native city, and a city founded by Vikings, according to legends.

If you’d like a reading, get in touch here, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ (cue cool transition, courtesy of Ray William Johnson).

13 thoughts on “The tarot shop is open for business

  1. Glad you clarified about not reading the future.. in light of the spiritual beating you’ve been taking on the student loan threads, it probably would have been a bad idea to imply that you could 😉

    But yeah, every tarot reading I’ve had has always been more useful for figuring out stuff going on in the ‘now’.

  2. “Spiritual beating” is not how I would describe it. Some asshole who’s angry because I had the audacity to go to one of the best universities in the country can’t get at my spirit. They do, however, make me sad and appalled – because, let’s face it, there are no perfect “poster girls” or “poster boys” for the movement against student debt slavery and predatory lending practices.

    Bad debt appears to “taint” people in some way, so others scramble to point out that hey, it’s totally preventable in the first place! It’s a tactic borne out of fear. It requires some self-examination.

  3. Is there some other sort of contact information you need or have available? (I don’t have a google+ or twitter account, and prefer to keep the real name facebook stuff separate from internet name personality. Assuming you’re doing complete strangers as well as friends.)

  4. Charlotte, I’ll write you!

    Pickly, is the e-mail you included as part of this comment the one where you ought to be contacted? If not, you can comment using a different e-mail address, and I’ll write you there.

  5. I think it’s so important to read Tarot weather for yourself or for others, if only as a form of meditation and to keep in touch with the instinctual side of your nature.

    Have you seen ‘The Goddess Tarot’ by Kris Waldherr? It’s beautiful. Of the four packs I own it’s the one I find easiest to read. Check it out if you can :).

  6. Have you attempted the contact email yet? (I haven’t seemed to receive anything yet, either as spam or as a straight email, so figured I’d check if something had been sent.)

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