So I suppose I need to talk about this Susan Faludi “Electra” crap

I mean, just in case this whole Terminator 2 phase of my feminist blogging “career” is later described in children’s textbooks as merely “those months Antonova aired out her grievances regarding the writing of Camille Paglia – and posted funny pictures of cats”. Here’s a funny picture of a cat: Anyway, the points is, thisContinue reading “So I suppose I need to talk about this Susan Faludi “Electra” crap”

Your daily dose of WTF: of crayfish, curlers and impudent teenagers

Just a typical photo session in my household in Ukraine: I’m not really sure why I’m in curlers. I’m not even going out. We do have live crayfish at the house, and the cat broke a crystal honeypot trying to escape from them. So maybe the curlers are there for the sense of solemn occasion.Continue reading “Your daily dose of WTF: of crayfish, curlers and impudent teenagers”

Funkyzeit mit Fedya

This is Fedya, my parents’ cat. Everything he thinks of me and, quite possibly, the world at large, is summed up by this picture. Yesterday, in the middle of the night, I was attacked by a huge moth. I called for reinforcements. My brother and I swatted at the Mothra monster with a baseball batContinue reading “Funkyzeit mit Fedya”

The kitties are having a relationship crisis

As you may know, I am the owner of two kitties – Fanty & Mingo. You can find out more about them here. Fanty and Mingo are having a bit of a tiff. They need relationship counseling. Here’s what happened: Fanty was having diarrhea issues for a while. He was getting better, but since weContinue reading “The kitties are having a relationship crisis”