Comment gold: on Russia, “lousy women” and Darwin

I see no point in responding to some comments in the actual comment box. Some comments are so wonderful, they deserve to shine all on their own. This was a comment to a post about honor killings in Jordan, and how “traditionalism” in traditional society is a one-way street – i.e., men get to do whatever the hell they want, while arbitrary moral judgments apply to women.

This fine, wholesome gentleman is operating under the false assumption that I still live in Jordan. Somehow, it doesn’t retract from his eloquence or his erudition:

If you don’t like jordan go back to russia ok.
I studied in petersburg, and I’m 100% honest, the situation in russia is so much worse for women, the typical day of the russian man is: sleep till 2PM, go out with the fiends, drink, sleep with some lousy russian girls, drink, go back home at 1AM, kick the hell out of your wife/GF.
What you are talking about is not a problem in jordan, it is not a even a problem. This how the man and women are and will be forever, men don’t like lousy women(sluts) because they fear cuckoldry, women don’t like poor/weak men because they want protection. Even my friends in the west don’t like feminists or very free girls, and actually many would love to marry a virgin. Men are women are not equal, but no one is better, men want pure women, women want strong men. We should not care to give the same freedoms for men and women because that is against nature, but we must set laws that prevent lousy women and worthless men.
The way you imply that sex is not a sensitive subject in the west is wrong too, sex IS sensitive subject in the west, east south and north, sex is the primary arena of conflict for sexual creatures, sex shapes our minds and even bodies (have you heard of sexual selection), sex is a sensitive and complex subject. If you don’t believe this take biology 101 or read some darwin.

This is so beautiful that I can only respond with an equally gorgeous gif:

6 thoughts on “Comment gold: on Russia, “lousy women” and Darwin

  1. “go out with the fiends”

    So, like, drinking parties with Woland and Behemoth and Azazel?

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