Well, well, a reporter is attacked at a McCain-Palin rally in my very own North Carolina

At Elon, no less. For all I know, the asshole in question used to be my neighbour. The same sort who’d yell “go back to Russia!” after I resisted a boozy, grabby attempt at so-called flirting.

Am I surprised that this happened in my state? Not really. But I am dismayed.

North Carolina was and is a great place to live. It is routinely portrayed by outsiders as this terrifying no-go zone, when it is in fact a diverse environment, with all sorts of good, and bad, and plain fascinating.

Having said that, I have doubt that the McCain-Palin hate-fest is empowering and enabling the bad.

This thuggish contempt of media should give us all pause.

(And, for the record, no, I don’t think the attacker’s weight should have anything to do with the discussion, though I understand the impulse to bite back at him in a way that humiliates him. If that was me being kicked, I probably would have thought something very similar.)

Joe the Plumber’s address published – stay classy, internet!

Why do I, or Jill, even need to say that publishing his address is beyond uncool?

The fact that the McCain campaign is using this man as a prop (much as they have done with Trig Palin), doesn’t excuse burrowing into his personal life in this manner. This goes for anyone, Republican or Democrat.

The original blame for snatching up this man and repeatedly brandishing him as some sort of weapon is with McCain (and even McCain himself has appeared to admit as much), but this example doesn’t exactly, you know, inspire in this instance.

“Joe the Plumber” had every right to ask whatever he wanted of Obama, and I say that both as a co-owner of a small business and as someone who cast her absentee ballot for Obama earlier this week.

Lipstick and Lynch Mobs

… Is my take on the ungodly mess that the McCain campaign is right now. I don’t really write about U.S. politics for GlobalComment anymore, but this evil BS in the form of “kill him!” (in reference to Obama) and “sit down, boy!” (in reference to a black press member) and how it has gone absolutely unchallenged by the train-wreck candidates got me so worked up that I was up at 5 a.m. punching this stuff out. I didn’t even need a cup of coffee, which pretty much means that this was a superhero act on my part, and that I will just sit around and wait for my own franchise to grow up around me.

My absentee ballot could not have come at a better time.

Screw this KKK crap.

Just how stupid does McCain think we are?

This “let’s postpone the debate” thing is so transparent it’s practically a joke. He knows he’s going to get hammered now that the economy has gotten past the point of being in the crapper and is simply getting flushed down into the sewers of hell, so he wants to pick a better day,  after Americans have finally taken a breath or two over this entire thing.

This whole “I’m just doing the honourable thing” shtick is ridiculous. I’m sorry, but being President of this country inevitably requires you to process several difficult tasks at the same time, this is what people are going to expect from you. A debate, at this juncture, is one of the most important things he can do for his candidacy. It would also be reassuring to the American people to hear the two candidates lay out some plans and proposals.

Postponing makes him look like a coward. And McCain, for all of his flaws, is not a coward by a long-shot.

This just isn’t the same John McCain. First the disastrous Palin pick complete with the “the peasants… sorry, the press must show deference” King Louis XIV-esque drama and now this. It’s insulting to my intelligence. And I’ve always had respect for the guy.