More Maintenance

I generally link to people I like, regardless of whether or not they link back to me. However, if you specifically approach me about doing a link exchange and then proceed to “misplace” the link to my site, please don’t be surprised when, after a few weeks, I’m going to take you off my blogroll. I’m not all too concerned about driving traffic to my site (it’s just a little journal of a snot-nosed, struggling writer, geez, there’s lots of us out there, I’m not special), but people who blatantly try to use my modest readership as a means of promoting themselves, and only themselves, strike me as rude, narcissistic twits. Don’t approach me about doing a link exchange if you don’t plan on reciprocating.

3 thoughts on “More Maintenance

  1. well I’ve already added you to my blogroll for the same reasons you’ve outlined, as well as one other individual in your blogroll whom i happen to enjoy reading. sarcasm rules and quick witted “snot nosed” journalists are always welcome on my blog listing 😛

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