Get Your Damn Priorities Straight

From Feministe.

“Colombian Catholic Church Excommunicates All Involved in 11-year-old Rape Victim’s Abortion.”

No word on whether or not they actually excommunicated the adult male rapist, although I doubt it.

I have no problem with the excommunication per se, but that’s because I’d never consider converting to Catholicism in the first place. I wouldn’t want to be part of an institution that would require a child, or any victim of sexual assault, to carry a pregnancy that resulted from said assault to term. I would happily tell this (male-dominated) institution to take a flying *bleep* on a rolling doughnut, with no offense to my Catholic friends. That sort of thing is not for me, and neither it is, I suspect, for the people involved in the abortion. Congratulations on your excommunication, guys.

When terminating a child rape-survivor’s pregnancy is considered a bigger deal than the actual rape of a child, I have to wonder just what value is being placed on the life, well-being, and dignity of the little girl. This is one of many cases wherein the rapist’s actions are obscured by the so-called “larger picture.” The fact that he is not being excommunicated speaks volumes.

For as long as females are considered, by some, to be walking baby-making machines, “vessels,” and “receptacles,” this sort of madness will, I believe, continue. Abortion is horrible, unthinkable, and brutal to these people, but a rape is something more natural, something they are certainly willing to deal with, particularly if the male perpetrator “feels bad,” and I am sure he has already told the Church officials this much.

I wonder how the Church is treating him anyway. Are officials bringing him cookies in jail? “Moving him to a different parish” (kudos to a clever commenter on Feministe)?

And what sorts of dealings are they going to have with the little girl? Is she going to be raised to believe she is a “murderer”? I certainly hope not.

5 thoughts on “Get Your Damn Priorities Straight

  1. Sorry for the unintentional trackback, didn’t realize wordpress would ping you automatically. Feel free to delete if these things bother you, or you could leave it up and shower me with abuse for spaming your site.

  2. This decision is absurd, and sadly, a certain percentage of people in the world will never understand that.

    When will we stop victimizing the victim?

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