Love thy neighbor: in Trump’s America, some of your neighbors need it more than ever

I’m going to share with you guys two stories sent in to me since the election. Two events that occurred in a country that has elected Donald J. Trump. The first is from a Nepalese American woman who lives in the Midwest. Let’s call her Kyrah. It’s necessary for her to keep her identity hidden. HerContinue reading “Love thy neighbor: in Trump’s America, some of your neighbors need it more than ever”

Racist violence in the center of Moscow

It was actually happening within walking distance from where I live, but I wisely stayed at home yesterday. The neighbour called, cautiously asking me if I was going to brave the spectacle in my condition. That’s a negative. And anyway, it’s not as if we need to see it happening. The pattern, by now, hasContinue reading “Racist violence in the center of Moscow”

Yes. Decent healthcare is “bad” because THOSE people might benefit.

On the subject of certain Americans’ virulent contempt for even a slightly more egalitarian healthcare system: “They don’t want racial minorities and people without means sharing spaces with them, and especially not when they’re sick and being reminded that they’re the same flesh and blood as everyone else. The idea that a 14-year-old immigrant mightContinue reading “Yes. Decent healthcare is “bad” because THOSE people might benefit.”

Lipstick and Lynch Mobs

… Is my take on the ungodly mess that the McCain campaign is right now. I don’t really write about U.S. politics for GlobalComment anymore, but this evil BS in the form of “kill him!” (in reference to Obama) and “sit down, boy!” (in reference to a black press member) and how it has goneContinue reading “Lipstick and Lynch Mobs”