But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?

Amanda apologizes. Racist images will, at the very least, be removed from future printings of the book.

I am glad to employ my “Good News” tag today as well. It needed to be dusted off.

Should I even use the word “healing” at this point? Well, is it my place to do so? No. But I do hope that something good will end up coming from this.

“I have no fate, I have no will,
All that remains is hope.”

– Lesya Ukraiinka

Since I’m abroad, I was, in fact, thinking about ordering “It’s A Jungle Out There”

… And then I saw this on the “Dear White Feminists” blog whose sub-headline reads, appropriately, “Quit goddamn fucking up.”

I think my occipital lobe just broke.

Jonathan Swift this ain’t. The images are racist and both author and publisher ought to have realized that. I sincerely hope that they will engage people on this subject.

Holly has more.


Here’s the contact page for Seal Press. Tell them this is unacceptable. I know I will.

{UPD Two}

Seal Press has issued an apology.

{UPD Three}

Amanda’s comments on the Feministe thread are… to put it mildly… well, just look here:

If there’s a concern about how quickly I responded, I would like to point out that I was unaware until this morning of this latest dust-up that has a point to it. As I responded as soon as I knew, I can’t see that I could have done anything else.

Not even an “I’m sorry guys, a major f#ck-up has occurred.” Just dismissive language about a “latest dust-up” that does, egads, have “a point.”

Not cool. Not cool at all.