It’s been a long January


And it shows no signs of abating. The pacifier has really got to go, but Lev has yet to accept that. A lot of things have got to go, actually. I’ve been waiting for spring cleaning season, but in my head, time has stopped. Spring cleaning season will come and go for other people. Maybe the human race was so enamored of the idea that the world is flat, because falling off the edge had some appeal. The fact that it’s round implies that it’s fairly inescapable. Also, my husband says this picture is from 1987. Proving, once again, that time has stopped, and we never noticed.

6 thoughts on “It’s been a long January

  1. I think that time is flexible, faster or slower depending on how you experience it. At this point in the winter it often seems as if it has gotten slower and slower and slower, frozen in the ice and snow, but every year so far, the sun has come back. You and the Lion both look very worn out. I hope you both can get some good rest. I’m pulling for you.

  2. I like to read your posts. They say what I feel and have experienced in my own life. However, it will pass; wait 5 minuets – it all changes.

  3. The photo is from 1967 correct? How do you contrast your life then to now, Natalia? Are you Russian born? The long dark winters do cause some depression of course. I’ll have to check your earlier posts.

  4. Lolwat? It was taken a week ago. I was born in 1984 (in Kiev). I guess Instagram and ramblings about the space-time continuum really do have the power to fool people, bahaha.

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