Monday Music: The Inaugural Edition, with Bombadil

A lot of the websites I read do a Friday Random Ten (see here for a brilliant example – good luck to Jill’s dad in his quest for Cool) as a musical exercise, but I find I need music  most on a Monday. Monday is the second day of the work-week in Jordan, and even though that should technically be better than a Monday back home, it’s my most depressing day of the week regardless.

So here are some songs and videos to cheer me up, and anyone else who needs it:

Machine Gun – Manu Chao
Acquiesce – Oasis
Jesus Was a Crossmaker – The Hollies
The Guests – Antony & the Johnsons
Over My Head – Lit
Teignmouth – Patrick Wolf
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – The Beatles
Hammering in my Head – Garbage
Alex Chilton – The Replacements
Suzy Marie – Bombadil

Now, Bombadil actually formed at Duke. And I used to know one of the members pretty well, and the rest of the band I think is terrific as well. I think one of the best moments of senior year was standing in the backyard at this house party, on a warm night, listening to them play after just the right amount of beer.

So here’s a video of them, singing “Three Saddest Words”:

And here are they again, doing “Tall Grass”:


3 thoughts on “Monday Music: The Inaugural Edition, with Bombadil

  1. Ugh why am I awake again?

    Good selection, and here\’s a \”hell yeah\” on Patrick Wolf.

  2. bombadil, where do i know that name from???!!? I know it has been so long since i have commented that i suspect you forget me. but, tar-palantir is still alive and occasionally reading your blog. I must admit – your skill in word and society is spectacular – thanks for the solid contributions to my weekly web adventures.

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